Space Trainees

A television program targeted at children and adolescents, a series of programs covering two seasons. We developed the games in Flash and used Flash Media Server in order to facilitate the communication between the game server and the games themselves. A series of stand-alone versions of the original games with a high-scores system were then created. An administrative tool for the games was also incorporated. This production is an iEmmy nominee in the genre of Children & Youth in 2010. was responsible for the TV-production, whereas the concept was developed by MediaCity and in collaboration.

The web games and TV episodes can be found here.

( Photos: Alexander Horn )

Technical aspects

  • We used flash for both the server and the client games.
  • Flash Media Server was the backbone communication.
  • We worked togheter with the production team during studio recording.
  • On-site support.

What we're currently developing

TeaTools provides teachers and trainers the opportunity to create their own "e-tasks" or educational games and share the tasks with their colleagues.

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