We have worked for years to build custom web portals for a variety of clients. We offer modern web technologies that enable our customers to achieve their goals without technical problems. When you order a product we'll handle all of the technical aspects of the project e.g. domains, hosting and development.

With our broad expertise and our extensive experience with large- scale projects, we can in a short time ensure that your online objectives are met, whether it is your company's presentation or a large-scale video site.

We specialize in Web technologies like PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Flash, HTML, CSS and thus we can guarantee that the product that we build together is going to stand out from your competitors.

What we offer:

  • PHP 5 (For server side data management)
  • MySQL (For data storage)
  • xHTML and HTML5 (For data presentation)
  • Javascript (Clientside interactivity)
  • CSS 2.1 and 3 (For data styling)
  • Flash Actionscript 2 (Video and sound)
  • High availability servers hosted at Anvia
  • Daily full backup of all projects

Custom tailored solution

If you have a great idea but you lack the expertise to implement it in real life, we're the partner you're looking for.
We can plan, develop and execute your idea, whether it's a portal that will be online or if it is a product for studio or offline use.
There is already a couple of frameworks that we have already developed that we can use as a foundation for your product.

After many successfully launched custom-developed projects, we have the experience and know-how to create stable and functioning systems that will serve your needs.

Available frameworks:

Off-the-shelf solution

We are offering keys-in-the-hand solutions for your needs. For a very reasonable price you’ll get two different customized graphical layouts to choose from and we’ll handle the rest. But before the planning of layouts, we’ll need a list of features you would like implemented.

We are using the Wordpress content management system for building the websites. This tool gives the client an easy to use admin-panel in your own native language and a framework that is being updated continuously. We charge only for the modification and assemblying of the system, and for the graphics.

This includes:

  • Wordpress CRM
  • Custom graphics and layout
  • Support
  • High availability servers hosted at Anvia
  • Daily full backup of all projects

What we're currently developing

TeaTools provides teachers and trainers the opportunity to create their own "e-tasks" or educational games and share the tasks with their colleagues.

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